Recently my fiancé and I went to the beautiful island of Kefalonia. We plan to wed there in 2 years due to the beautiful beaches, abundance of flowers and the warm and colourful locals, not to mention the delicious food!
We travelled to a beautiful fishing village called Fiscardo. I took this picture of a man who was trying to fish with a long bamboo stick, sharpened to a point at the end, we didn't think he would catch anything like that, so we went on exploring the village and all it's charm. When we returned lo and behold he had caught a fish! I said to my fiancé perhaps we should try that and he pointed out my clumsy gene. He's right, I'd end up stabbing myself in the foot!
I love capturing these moments, when people are absorbed in their passion and clearly having the time of their lives. That's why I like to do natural shots. This month I'm doing a few special offers so contact me and I'll tell you all about it.

Till the next time,

Dee x

Dee Pepperrell
Wimbledon photographer