Happy ‘heavenly’ fathers day

Now I like to think my blog covers a whole range of topics relating to photography. This one is no different except it's sentiments to photography, for me, remains a personal one which I'd now like to share.


This blog/tribute is about my Dad who inspired me to be a photographer in the first place. Without him I wouldn't be writing this now and doing what I do.


My beautiful, humble, gentle Dad died 4 months ago to a cruel, insidious disease we all know so well....Cancer!


My Dad encouraged and motivated me, he believed in me, loved me unconditionally, understood me and cared for me, all this contributes to having the courage to write this.


With Fathers day approaching I wanted to pay homage to a man who meant so much to me and who will continue to do so. I wanted to share with you all how much joy this wonderful man gave to me and to remember all the good things about him that make me smile and bring me comfort.


To you Dad:


I loved the way you laughed your husky laugh and the way you pulled a million different faces.

I loved your kind eyes and your wicked sense of humour. 

I loved how calm you were in the face of adversity, except of course when you were driving. Lol!

I loved how much you gulped down wine at dinner, leaving the rest of us with full glasses whilst you were on your third. 

I loved how annoyingly good at chess you were (I only managed to beat you once). 

I loved how much you adored reading and how you used to take me to the library with you when I were younger, giving me my passion for books.

I loved how you wore your hair and how you walked your walk, sometimes you did a little hop and a skip.

I loved how you talked and how you called me princess.

I loved your wacky emails to me and the poems you shared.

I loved your taste in operatic music and 'I just called to say I love you' and how you always won trivial pursuit.

I loved how smart you always dressed and how you wore your winter cap.

I loved how much you loved our mum.


Dad I loved you then and I love you now, wholeheartedly for always and forever more. I will always miss you with every shred of my being and I will be influenced by you for the rest of my life. I will fight for my dreams with every ounce of integrity I can muster, I will try and emulate your grace. I will continue to aspire to capture moments in my photography like the moments we shared and I shall remember you every step of the way.


Happy Fathers day in Heaven Dad! I hope you are having a good old knees up with the rest of the family and have the best seat in the house for the world cup. 😉


With love from,


Your adoring and forever grateful daughter xxxx


2 thoughts on “Happy ‘heavenly’ fathers day

  1. Genuinely the most beautiful and heartfelt tribute I’ve ever read, it brought tears to my eyes. I’m certain there is one very proud dad up there smiling down at you :’-) Xxx

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