Karen Brost Fashion designer extraodinaire

Many of you may know my passion for art and all things creative, hence why I take pictures. But sometimes you meet extraodinary people who combine Art and Fashion. Which I love!

Let me introduce you to Karen Brost, if you haven't heard of her already, she is a top fashion designer with over 25 years experience in the business.

I took pictures of her beautiful children Coco and Ava in her beautiful house in Richmond. Karen is a fashion designer with heaps of experience and so much originality and flare. She has recently started designing a new luxurious baby collection, her range consists of outfits such as 'Monkey Business', 'Ginger Giraffe' and my favourite 'Baby Jam'. Check out all of her baby outfits at


Happy shopping!


Dee x


Deanna Pepperrell

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